Episode 01: Digital Live Theatre

A podcast about the interection of art and technology.

Episode 1: Jef, Aaron and Adam discuss cheaper tech for better storytelling, Garageband Jam Session on the New iPad, Who We Are, Celtx Screenwriting Software, 1000 True Fans, Speaking of Twitter, Kids Quitting Facebook?, Personal vs. Professional Internet, Roseanne’s objectivity, Where Carnies Retire, ScanOps, Jurassic Disappointment, The Return of Adventure Games, The PS Vita, and the Gameboy Graveyard.

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Episode 01: Digital Live Theatre

This week we talk about:

Us, Introductions and the birth of the ArTechnik podcast

1,000 True Fans

3-D Movies


Canadian Buffoonery


The PSVita


Pancake Divination Techniques

And a whole bunch more!