Ep. 40: Orange Unchained

django-unchained-quentin-tarantinoIs Django Unchained racist? Does that matter? Busch Gardens, Star Trek Online, Spongebob pineapple cakes, floam, Colonial Willamsburg, learning Italian and Neil Harbisson, the world’s first recognized cyborg.

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 40: Orange Unchained”

  1. Been catching up on past episodes but saw the title of this one and had to hear it! Recently saw Django and thought it was Brilliant!

    I feel the use of the word in question was as hard to hear as watching some of the violence. I think it was important to the film and should be left as is.

    Your conversation about being historically accurate, well history books aren’t always 100% accurate, they usually lean towards the winners perspective. My thoughts on if films should…no. It is man’s responsibility to keep records of history not movie directors…they are story tellers, no more then that.There are powerful movies, movies based on real events/ people but in the end they remain films not historic documents.

    If you loved say ‘LINCOLN’ then after go check out some textbooks… don’t start watching every movie with Lincoln in it. (for example Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is probable not for you if your looking for historic facts!)

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